What are binary options?

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Regulated Binary Options Online Trading


Many of the binary options brokers are not regulated but are still highly popular amongs traders around the world. How can this be? Why would a broker not be regulated and still give you good customer service and high chances to make profit on your investments?
These are some questions that many traders have asked themeselves in the past years. Among the un-ragulated yet still popular binary options brokers that traders use in order to trade online there are a certain fraction of honest brokers and a certain fraction of un-honest binary options brokers.

Regulation – Keeps you safe, But Does Not mean That You Will Always Win

The regulated brokers have a larger part of the market to broker as they are allowed to have customers from almost every country in the world, while the un-regulated brokers can only use their online binary options platforms within certain boundaries that the law permits them to do. Unregulated brokers usually will refrain from letting any overseas customers trade through their platforms if it is against the law.

But does using a regulated online trading broker in binary options mean that you will necissarily win? The answer lies in the professionalism and strategy of the traders. For instance if you are using a good money management strategy and your broker is an honest one, it will not really matter if you are trading with a regulated online broker or an un-regulated one as long as the broker is honest.

Does your broker offer tutorials and courses? 
Does your broker offer video lessons and live customer support / service?

Also and more importantly, any type of investment that carries any type of significant risk and/or reward, can always have the chance of bringing you to a large loss of wealth or investments – meaning that if you invest un-wisely you may loose a lot of money. Just like any risk-reward investment this is also the case with binary options, unregulated or not. Binary option positions are an all or nothing / fixed return investment, meaning that you can loose all of you investments or gain a large sum of payout in a relatively fast pace.

Regulated Binary Options Brokers

You may still double your capita or loose it all, regardless of the broker being regulated or not! Many regulated brokers have been had their names dragged through the mud by unyhappy customers who lost all of their investments and felt that they were hurt by the company, even though this is usually not the case.

Just like any all-or-nothing investment, some will loose their money and a few of the loosers will always have something bad to say about their broker. This is why many regulated binary options brokers get their good name dragged through the mud for doing nothing wrong. 

Promotional Content

Remember that both regulated and non-regulated brokers will heavilly promote their platforms but in the end what matters the most is that you trade wisely and that you use an honest broker, regulated or not. Broker are not allowed to promote any PROMISES of gain of profit and income.

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