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Binary One Touch Options

One Touch Binary Options – Growing Increasingly Popular

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One touch binary options are one of the types of exotic options that have been increasing in popularity in the commodity and forex trading markets in these past few years.  These kinds of options is perfect for traders who believe that they are good at predicting if the price of a certain commodity, currency, indices, stock or currency pair will exceed a certain level or price at some time in the future (intraday only) or that it will decrease its price to a certain fixed level or price.

We will be talking about the one touch trade of binary options on this page and about how to trade profitably with one touch options! If you enter a one touch options page on a trading platform you will see types of positions – the difference between these options and the other types of binary options is that with one touch everything is already set out for you, even the expiring rate is set out for you ahead of time.

Binary One Touch Options

In one touch the option is more challenging but it is also much more rewarding, the payouts can be up to 400%-500%. For example the asset in the photo needs to reach a specific rate of 524 and the only position or contract that you can choose (one touch position) is down. You have the end sale time and expiring time, by which you can buy the contract and by when the position expires. If you invest in this one touch option trade before the expiration on the contract sale time and the option hits 524 before the expiration time of the contract, you will get the payout.

You need to know when both expiring times are and you can only choose the set expire rate that your broker has set. Before taking a position make sure that you understand the exact expiring times before you choose to take the position or not, if you think the rate will reach the expiring rate before the option has expired then take a position.

Always make sure that the time on the website (and platform) are GMT times before taking your position, always go according to the GMT times.

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